Several new features are included in Veeva Align 17R3.1. This topic provides a brief explanation of each new feature and explains updates to existing features.

Related Lists of all assignment object types now contain a View More link displaying a new page with up to 25 assignment rows per page.

See The View More Link for more information.

Mass Transfer Assignments

The Mass Transfer feature allows users to highlight one or more assignment rows and transfer all selected assignments to a new parent entity on a specified date.

See Mass Transfer for more information.

Mass Edit Assignments

The Mass Edit feature allows users to highlight one or more assignment rows and edit fields on all selected assignments to the same value at the same time.

See Mass Edit for more information.

Postal Code Map Shapes

Customers using Align in the United States and Canada are now able to view the shape of their geographies based on postal codes.

See Postal Code Map Shapes for more information.

Data Loading Targeting Rules

Align users can now utilize the Align Data Loader to load targeting rules, allowing users to quickly create targeting rules for multiple field forces.

See Data Loading Targeting Rules for more information.

Manual Edits to Targeting Records

Align users can now manually edit Multichannel Cycle Plan records previously created using the rules engine. This feature allows users to edit these records to refine their goals based on feedback or knowledge of accounts.

See Manual Edits to Targeting Records for more information.

Rules Run Controls

Align users can now freeze their targets for the duration of a cycle. This features allows users to account for the unpredictability of Accounts during a business cycle and gives greater consistency to planned activity goals.

See Updating Targeting Rule Lifecycles and Updating Account Rule Lifecycles for more information.

MCCP Push to CRM Enhancements

MCCP records pushed to CRM now automatically assign to owners. Additionally, the push condition for certain MCCP objects has been updated to allow records of all start dates to be pushed to CRM.

See User Assignment on CRM Push for more information about owner assignment.

See Push Condition to Ignore Start Date for more information on supported MCCP objects.