Several new features are included in Veeva Align 17R3.3. This topic provides a brief explanation of each new feature and explains updates to existing features.

User Visible and Behavior Changes

  • The Territory Map View no longer displays accounts that are outside of the geographies associated with the territory.
  • The Shape Information tab for a geography in the Map View now displays the total number of accounts that are within the shape.
  • Account clustering no longer occurs when zooming out in the Map View. Account clustering only occurs when there are two accounts located at the same address.

Enhanced Search for Accounts

The Accounts tab allows Align users to quickly search for a specific Account without displaying a table listing all Accounts. To facilitate this, the Account tab supports two different views:

  • Search View – Displays a search bar used for searching for Accounts

  • List View – Displays a complete list of Accounts. Prior to Align 17R3.1, this was the default view for the Accounts tab.

Transferring Territory Assignments from the Map View

Align administrators can use the Map View to transfer a territory’s geographies to another territory. This eliminates the need to navigate away from the Map View to reassign a geography to a different territory.

See Transferring Assignments from the Map View for more information.

Align Scheduler

Using the Vault scheduler, Align users may now schedule jobs to run daily. This saves the Align Administrator time by running recurring tasks automatically rather than manually.

See Align Scheduler for more information.

Capacity Planning

Align now supports capacity planning. Capacity planning is the ability to compare expected Activity Goals of a Multichannel Cycle to a territory’s activity capacity.

See Capacity Planning for more information.

Record Type Changes

Align now imports MCCP-related record types from CRM by creating a value on the record_type__aln table that corresponds to each record type and CRM Org combination.

The record types in the record_type__aln table are automatically assigned to all targeting records when they are created except for MC Cycle Channel records. Align admins must manually input an MC Cycle Channel’s record type. This value determines whether or not a channel can be assigned cycle products.

To update an existing MC Cycle Channel’s record type:

  1. Perform an import from CRM. The record_type__aln table automatically populates.
  2. Manually update the record types of the following objects with the correct value from the record_type__aln table:

    • mc_cycle__aln
    • mc_cycle_channel__aln
    • mc_cycle_product__aln records.
  3. Perform an assignment preview with the appropriate targeting rules. This assigns the newly set record type to appropriate mc_cycle_plan__aln records and their child objects.

New record types can also be reconciled by deleting existing targeting records as new records automatically have the correct record types set.