About the 20R3.1 Release

This topic provides information about the Veeva Align 20R3.1 release, including important dates, webinar information, and release announcements.

All dates listed are subject to change.

Dates to Remember

  • October 8 – Sandbox release, release notes made available
  • October 15 – General Release to all orgs

What's New in 20R3.1

What's New in 20R3.1, available October 8, will contain detailed explanations and configuration information for each feature.


Updates to the Release Cycle

To better sync with the CRM releases, and to help prevent overlap with migrations to TM2.0, Align now releases on Thursday evenings. This change takes effect with the 20R3.1 release, which is scheduled for release to sandboxes on Thursday October 8th, 2020.

See About Align Releases for more information.

Migration to High Volume Objects

Migration to High Volume Objects

The Vault 20R3 Release includes support for High Volume Objects (HVOs). Align uses HVO for several objects to improve the performance of key processes, including committing assignment previews, importing and publishing explicit assignments between modeling and production, and pushing data to CRM. HVOs also improve the performance of manually data loading explicit assignments into production and model territories.

Sandbox migrations will begin the week of March 29, 2021. Once sandbox migrations are complete, production migrations will occur over weekends. Veeva will notify Align Vault Owners via email one month in advance of the scheduled migration dates for sandbox and production environments.

The following Align objects will migrate to Vault’s HVO model:

  • account_territory__aln – Stores production account-to-territory assignments
  • integration_status__aln – Stores send and delete statuses between Align and CRM for Territory Management 1.0
  • integration_status_2__aln – Stores send and delete statuses between Align and CRM for Territory Management 2.0

The account_territory_model__aln object was removed from the current list of planned HVO migrations.

Sandbox migrations are managed by Veeva and begin on March 29, 2021. Production migrations follow after all sandbox migrations are complete.

What to Expect and Actions Required

Downtime is not expected during the migration, but customers should expect a longer maintenance window if heavy data-usage (modifying more than 100k records) on the migrated objects occurs during the migration.

All functionality is maintained after the migration, with the following exceptions:

  • Sharing Rules
  • Lookup FIelds
  • Multivalue Picklists
  • The search bar in the Business Admin menu – Filters are recommended as an alternative to this functionality

Data within these objects is preserved during the migration process, including unique identifiers, object names, and custom reports. Previously created Saved Views on these objects will be removed. Users can recreate these Saved Views after the migration is complete.

To prepare for the migration, customers should perform the following actions:

  • Upgrade integrations using API calls against HVO objects to Vault API version 20.3
  • Remove all of the following from the HVO objects:
  • Sharing Rules
  • Lookup Fields
  • Multivalue Picklists

The country__aln lookup field on the Account_Territory__aln object will be converted automatically to an Object field type. Existing data will be migrated. The new field will have a formula-derived default value that evaluates to the Country of the associated Territory.

Territory Management 2.0 in Align

Align is able to assist the transition from Salesforce’s original Territory Management Salesforce module (TM1.0) to Territory Management 2.0 (TM2.0). All Veeva CRM customers must migrate to TM2.0 before June 2021.

See Territory Management 2.0 in Align for more information.