What's New in 20R3.1

The Align 20R3.1 release includes the following User Visible and Behavior Changes.

Our release notes offer brief, high-level descriptions of enhancements and new features.

User Visible and Behavior Changes

Users are able to view the following changes immediately:

User Management

  • The crm_profile__aln and crm_role__aln fields no longer stamp on a Roster Member when the Roster Member’s profile and role are inherited from their assigned territory. This enables the Roster Member’s CRM profile and role to update when the Roster Member is assigned to a new territory.


Customizing Text in Align

Admins can customize all text in Align beyond Align’s supported translations, enabling admins to have complete control over the text that displays in Align. Previously, Messages were translated, but customers could not override translations with custom translations.

See Customizing Text in Align for more information.

CRM Integration

Increasing the Expiration Window for CRM Sourced Assignments

Admins can increase the expiration window defined by the crm_assignments_expire__aln field on the following objects:

  • align_settings__aln
  • account_territory__aln
  • account_territory_model__aln

The maximum value is 730, meaning that the maximum expiration window is 730 days. See Increasing the Expiration Window for CRM Sourced Assignments for more information.

User Management

End-Dating Users in Align

Roster members mastered by Align can be end-dated in Align and be appropriately deactivated in CRM via a push, enabling the admin to handle a user leaving their org from Align and eliminating the need to manually deactivate a user after the fact.

See End-Dating Users in Align for more information.