What's New in 21R1.2

The Align 21R1.2 release includes the following User Visible and Behavior Changes.

Our release notes offer brief, high-level descriptions of enhancements and new features.


Migration to High Volume Objects

The Migration to High Volume Objects (HVOs) is currently underway. The following objects will be migrated to Vault’s HVO model::

  • account_territory__aln – Stores production account-to-territory assignments
  • integration_status__aln – Stores send and delete statuses between Align and CRM for Territory Management 1.0
  • integration_status_2__aln – Stores send and delete statuses between Align and CRM for Territory Management 2.0

Customers should have received a notification informing them of the specific date their instances will be migrated.

What to Expect and Actions Required

Downtime is not expected during the migration, but customers should expect a longer maintenance window if heavy data-usage (modifying more than 100k records) on the migrated objects occurs during the migration.

All functionality is maintained after the migration, with the following exceptions:

  • Sharing Rules
  • Lookup FIelds
  • Multivalue Picklists
  • The search bar in the Business Admin menu – Filters are recommended as an alternative to this functionality

Data within these objects is preserved during the migration process, including unique identifiers, object names, and custom reports. Previously created Saved Views on these objects will be removed. Users can recreate these Saved Views after the migration is complete.

To prepare for the migration, customers should perform the following actions:

  • Upgrade integrations using API calls against HVO objects to Vault API version 20.3
  • Remove all of the following from the HVO objects:
  • Sharing Rules
  • Lookup Fields
  • Multivalue Picklists

The country__aln lookup field on the Account_Territory__aln object will be converted automatically to an Object field type. Existing data will be migrated. The new field will have a formula-derived default value that evaluates to the Country of the associated Territory.

User Visible and Behavior Changes

Users are able to view the following changes immediately:


  • When creating new Territory Models, only footprints related to the territories in the model are now imported into the model. This reduces the risk of an admin inadvertently overriding footprint changes that another Align admin user has made between creating and publishing the model.

Territory Feedback

  • When users search the Edit Alignments table using Enhanced Territory Feedback, results now populate as they type

Territory Feedback

Using Global Account Search in Enhanced Territory Feedback

When Global Account Search is enabled, users can search for all accounts in Align, rather than just the accounts in their current territory. This enables users to create Add Account or Add Target challenges against accounts currently outside of their territory.

Viewing the Territory Dashboard When Assigned to Multiple Territories

If a user is assigned to multiple territories, a list of their assigned territories displays when they navigate to the Territory Feedback tab. Selecting a territory from this list displays the Territory Dashboard for that selected territory.

Using Account Profiles to View and Challenge Changes

The Account Profile enables users to see details and information about a specific account in the Edit Alignments table, while also enabling users to challenge changes made to that account.