Global Account Search in Territory Feedback

Align enables users of Territory Feedback to search all accounts in Align and add those accounts to their territory. This enables end-users greater control for providing feedback to accounts added or dropped from their territory. Administrators can configure specific criteria to ensure users can only search appropriate or relevant accounts.

For example, Sarah Jones is providing feedback on changes made to her territory using Territory Feedback in Veeva CRM. Sarah wants to add Dr. Clinton Ackerman to her territory, so she searches for Dr. Ackerman and finds his account. She selects Add Account and, after passing the proper approval rule, the challenge is reviewed and approved by her manager.


To configure Account Search in Territory Feedback:

  1. Navigate to Align Settings.
  2. Select Global Settings.
  3. Select Yes for the Enable Account Search field.

Configuring Account Search Rules

Account Search Rules enable administrators to define which accounts display when a user searches for an account in Territory Feedback. This prevents irrelevant or undesired accounts from displaying. For example, the Align Admin can create an Account Search Rule that limits members of the dermatology field force to adding only HCPs whose specialties match a list of approved specialties for their territories.

To configure an Account Search Rule:

  1. Navigate to the Modeling tab.
  2. Select the appropriate project.
  3. Select the Model Field Force.
  4. Select Create from the Account Search Rules related list.
  5. Enter the following information for all criteria for the Search Rule:

    • Object
    • Field
    • Operator
    • Value
    • Field Logic Filter
  6. Select Save.

Accounts only display when searched for in Territory Feedback if the properties of the account match the corresponding Search Rule.

Configuring Add Account Approval Rules

In addition to filtering results using Account Search Rules, administrators can also create Approval Rules to automatically approve or reject adding an account if it meets or does not meet certain criteria.

To create an Add Account Approval Rule, select Add Account from the challenge_type__aln picklist. See Approval Rules for more information on creating Approval Rules.


Once configured, users can search for any account in the Align universe from the Accounts tab in Territory Feedback, even if the account is outside of their territory.

To search for all accounts, regardless of territory, enable the Global Account Search toggle next to the search bar before searching. A Magnifying Glass icon displays next to accounts searched for but not part of the territory. Search terms are searched against all displayed columns.

Displayed accounts can be challenged to be added to the territory either as accounts or as targets.

Challenges are subject to any existing Approval Rules.

If an outside territory account is challenged to be added to the territory, it displays in the accounts table alongside all other changes made to the territory.