What's New in 22R1.0

The Align 22R1.0 release includes brief, high-level descriptions of enhancements and new features.


SAML SSO & Spark Messaging Certificate Rollover

On April 29, 2022, Vault is scheduled to roll over the certificate used to sign SAML Single Sign-on (SSO) requests and Spark messaging connections. Admins must take action before May 20, 2022 to test and implement the new certificate.

See SAML SSO & Spark Messaging Certificate Rollover in the Vault Online Help for more information.

User Visible and Behavior Changes


  • Admins can now select the Audit data changes in this object check box for every object in Align, enabling changes made to Align objects to be tracked for auditing purposes

  • The align_settings_model__aln object is no longer maintained when refreshing sandbox instances of Align, reducing errors when publishing the refreshed sandbox to production instances. See Managing Align Sandboxes for the complete list of objects excluded from sandbox refreshes.
  • The Align Integrations page in the Integrations tab was removed

Territory Feedback

  • Total Channel and Product Goals columns in now display in Manager Territory Feedback for the selected field plan, enabling managers to quickly see a summary of all planned interactions against targets for the upcoming cycle


User Management

Integrating Align and Workday

Admins can connect their instance of Align to Workday, a dedicated HR and user management system, to import newly created, updated, and end-dated users in Workday into Align. This streamlines the User Management process by enabling admins to avoid inputting the same information into both systems, while still maintaining Align’s capabilities of managing users in CRM.

Territory Feedback

Creating Challenges in Manager Feedback

Managers using Manager feedback to review changes to their territory and its child territories can also create challenges of their own to further refine the goals and assignments. This enables managers to avoid sending a territory back to an end user to make potentially minor adjustments.

Territory Management

Removing Accounts from Territories in CRM and Align

This feature is available in sandboxes with the CRM 221.1.100 release, currently scheduled for April 28, 2022.

To enable end users to avoid having to remove the account from their territory in multiple places, Align automatically creates CRM-sourced account exclusion records for successfully processed CRM DCRs that remove accounts from a user’s territory. These exclusion records are reflected in Territory Feedback immediately.

User Management

Resetting CRM User Passwords in Align

To avoid unnecessary work in both Align and CRM, admins can reset user’s passwords via their associated roster_member__aln record in Align. When a roster member marked for a password reset is pushed to CRM, the associated user is notified to reset their password via Salesforce’s standard reset password email.