Child Accounts in MCCPs

Align supports assigning child accounts to Multichannel Cycle Plans to enable the rules engine to properly assign child accounts as targets.

For example, Sarah Jones’s org is configured to use child accounts. Dr. Clinton Ackerman is an account in Sarah’s territory with two locations: Chilton Memorial Hospital and Newton Memorial Hospital. Since Sarah Jones’s org uses child accounts, Dr. Ackerman’s location must be recorded for all interactions with Sarah. The rules engine assigns Dr. Ackerman as a target when he is working at Newton Memorial, but not when he is at Chilton Memorial.

MCCP Child Accounts supports Targeting Feedback. See Child Account Support for Feedback for more information.


To enable this feature:

  1. Navigate to the appropriate mc_cycle__aln record.
  2. Select Yes for the Support Child Account Targets picklist.

If this feature is enabled for a cycle, it cannot be disabled. Enabling this feature for a cycle does not automatically enable this feature for other cycles.

CRM Mapping

By default, the following Align fields are mapped to the following CRM fields:

Align Object Align Field CRM Object CRM Field
product_metrics__aln location__aln product_metrics_vod Location_vod
product_metrics__aln parent_account__aln product_metrics_vod Location_parent_vod

These mappings can be customized.


Administrators can create filter criteria based on the parent HCO and create targets for specific child accounts associated with the parent HCO:

  1. Navigate to the appropriate targeting_rule_channel__aln record.
  2. Select Yes in the Create Location Based Target picklist.

  3. Populate all appropriate criteria in the following sections:

    • Parent HCO Criteria
    • Parent HCO Product Metric Criteria

See Rule-Based Targeting Assignments for more information on creating criteria.

Parent HCO and parent HCO product criteria can be disabled on a channel by selecting No in the Create Location Based Target picklist.

Assignment Previews

During an assignment preview, if an account matches a targeting rule channel configured to create location based targets, all parent HCO records associated with the account are retrieved. Each parent HCO and account pair are re-evaluated against the criteria using their combined fields and product metrics. If the pair matches the criteria, a target record is created with the following field values:

  • target__aln – The account of the account-parent HCO pair
  • location__aln – The HCO referenced by the account’s parent HCO

The product and channel goals of the target depend on the goals specified by the targeting rule.

Using location based targets can result in an account having multiple targets under the same cycle plan if multiple locations match targeting rules.

For example, Dr. Clinton Ackerman matches a targeting rule channel where the Create Location Based Targets field is set to Yes. Dr. Ackerman is associated with two parent HCOs, both of which match the targeting rule criteria.

Dr. Ackerman also matches a different targeting rule channel where the Create Location Based Targets field is set to No. In the assignment preview, Dr. Ackerman is present in three target records:

Account Location Channel Interaction Goals
Clinton Ackerman N/A 10
Clinton Ackerman Chilton Memorial Hospital 12
Clinton Ackerman Newton Memorial Hospital 8

The target without location represents the target created from the targeting rule channel with Create Location Based Targets set to No.