Child Account Support for Feedback

Align now enables users to provide feedback on territories using Child Accounts. This streamlines the planning process in these territories by allowing end-users to view and challenge changes to their territory directly on their device.

For example, Sarah Jones’s territory uses Child Accounts when creating targets; accounts have different targeting statuses and goals depending on the location. When Sarah views changes to her territory using Territory Feedback, she reviews changes made to each account and each location associated with that account.


The following features must be enabled to enable this feature:


When a user’s territory is configured to use Child Accounts for targeting, the Accounts tab in Territory Feedback displays location specific information as rows associated with the account row.

The base account displays as a row with an empty Location field.

Searching for a location displays the account associated with the location and all locations associated with the matching account.

Users can display cycle channel and cycle product information for each individual location by enabling the Show Target Details toggle.


Users can challenge the targeting status and interaction goals of individual locations associated with an account.

To challenge an alignment or targeting designation:

  1. Select the appropriate Location row for the appropriate account. This displays the account card.
  2. Select the appropriate location in the Location picklist. The value of this picklist automatically populates with the location selected in step 1.

    Account-level challenges, for example, Add Account or Remove Account, do not need a location selected. Target-level challenges, for example, Add Target or Remove Target, only apply to the selected location.

  3. Select the appropriate challenge.
  4. Select the challenge reason.
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 for all desired locations.
  6. Select Save.

All challenges made are checked against all existing approval rules with the following outcomes:

  • Rejected – An error displays stating which challenge was rejected and why

    If one challenge is rejected, none of the other submitted challenges are approved, even if they would otherwise be approved. The user must resolve the rejection and try again.

  • Approved – The challenge was automatically approved

    Approved Remove Account challenges remove all targets in the cycle plan associated with the account, regardless of location.

  • Pending – A challenge did not match any Approval or Rejected-type rules and must be reviewed by the user’s manager

Approved and Pending challenges display in the Accounts table based on the specific Location row.