Searching Outside of Territories as a Manager

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To enable managers to add accounts as part of Targeting Feedback, managers with Global Account Search in Territory Feedback enabled can search for accounts outside of an end user’s territory from the Account screen in Manager Feedback. This allows the manager to avoid sending Territory Feedback back to the end user to add accounts.

For example, Melanie Martin is a manager reviewing upcoming changes to her territory with three child territories. She believes that one account, Clinton Ackerman, should be added to the child territory assigned to Sarah Jones. Melanie uses the Accounts screen to search for all accounts outside of Sarah’s territory, then adds Dr. Ackerman to the territory.

This feature requires Global Account Search in Territory Feedback.

To search for and add an account to a territory:

  1. Navigate to the Accounts screen of Manager Feedback.
  2. Select the Add Accounts button.
  3. Enter the appropriate search term. All text-type Account or Address_vod information in the table is available for search.
  4. Select Search. Up to 100 results display below the search bar.
  5. Navigate to the appropriate account.
  6. Select the More Actions menu.

    The More Actions menu does not display if the account is already in the territory.

  7. Select the appropriate action:

    • Add Account
    • Add as Target

After selecting the appropriate action, the account is added to the territory.