Several new features are included in Veeva Align 18R3.1. This topic provides a brief explanation of each new feature and explains updates to existing features.

New Objects, New Fields, and Map Shape Changes are also included.

User Visible and Behavior Changes

Territory Enhancements

  • Selecting the map from the Territory Information Bar now opens the full map
  • The 1,000 shape limit for displayed geography shapes has been removed

Targeting Feedback Language Support

Align now supports translations in Targeting Feedback. See Targeting Feedback Language Support for more information.

Filtering Accounts in Targeting Feedback

The filter button on the Targeting Feedback screen enables users to filter accounts based on the changes being made to the territory. See Filtering Accounts in Territory Feedback for more information.

Exclusive Assignments

Administrators can configure Align to prevent accounts from being assigned to multiple territories either globally or within the same field force. See Exclusive Assignments for more information.

Downloadable Assignment Preview

Align administrators can now download the results of an Assignment Preview to see exactly which actions are being taken against which accounts. See Downloadable Assignment Preview for more information.

Custom Rollups

Align enables administrators to create custom rollup metrics to display in the Territory Information Bar. See Custom Rollups for more information.

New Objects

The list below contains all new objects added in Veeva Align 18R3.1.

Object Description
rollup_rule__aln Defines a custom rollup rule.
rollup_rule_criteria__aln Defines an individual criterion for a custom rollup rule.
Object Description
rollup_rule__aln Defines a custom rollup rule.

New Fields

The list below contains all fields added in Veeva Align 18R3.1. The fields are organized by object.

Object Field Name Field Label Field Description Field Type
account_territory_model__aln exclusive_assignment__aln Exclusive Assignment Marks an account as exclusively assigned. Boolean
account_territory__aln exclusive_assignment__aln Exclusive Assignment Exclusively assigns accounts. Boolean
align_settings__aln account_exclusivity__aln Account Exclusivity Enables exclusive assignment. Boolean
align_settings__aln account_exclusivity_exceptions__aln Account Exclusivity Exceptions Defines exceptions for exclusive assignments. Picklist
rollup_rule__aln source_object__aln Source Object Source object for the rollup rule. Picklist
rollup_rule__aln source_field__aln Source Field Source field for the rollup rule. Text
rollup_rule__aln target_object__aln Target Object Target object for the rollup rule. Picklist
rollup_rule__aln target_field__aln Target Field Target field for the rollup rule. Text
rollup_rule__aln rollup_operator__aln Rollup Operator Defines the nature of the rollup rule. Picklist
rollup_rule__aln rule_filter_logic__aln Rule Filter Logic Defines records selected by the rollup. Text
rollup_rule__aln external_id__aln External ID External ID Text
rollup_rule__aln last_run_datetime__aln Last Run Date/Time States when the rule was last calculated. DateTime
rollup_rule_criteria__aln field__aln Field Field checked by the criterion. Text
rollup_rule_criteria__aln value__aln Value Value causing a match on the criterion. Text
rollup_rule_criteria__aln operator__aln Operator Criterion operator Picklist
rollup_rule_criteria__aln rollup_rule__aln Rollup Rule Rule associated with the criterion. Object

Map Shape Changes

The list below contains all map shape changes in Align 18R3.1.

Andorra Estonia Malta San Marino
Australia Finland Mayotte Singapore
Austria France Mexico Slovakia
Belgium Germany Morocco Slovenia
Brunei Greece Netherlands South Africa
Bulgaria Hungary New Zealand Spain
Canada India Norway Switzerland
Croatia Indonesia Poland Thailand
Cyprus Italy Portugal Turkey
Czech Republic Latvia Reunion (La) United Kingdom
Denmark Lithuania Russia United States