What's New in 21R2.2

The Align 21R2.2 release includes brief, high-level descriptions of enhancements and new features.


Deprecating the &vaultsess URL Parameter

Beginning in 21R3.2 (currently scheduled for January 6, 2022), Vault is disallowing use of the &vaultsess URL parameter used by the Align Scheduler. Scheduled jobs must remove the &vaultsess=${Session.id} parameter from the URL and have the Post Session Credentials via Form Data with Key “Session.id” check box selected in order to continue functioning.

These required updates can be made anytime and will be implemented automatically by Veeva Services for customers with active engagements with Align professional services.

See Creating a Scheduled Job for more information.

User Visible and Behavior Changes

Align Settings

  • The align_settings_model__aln object was added in preparation for a future release. Admins should not create any records against this object.
  • The Align Settings tab was relabeled Production Settings
  • For consistency purposes across all instance of Align, the picklist values for the Challenge Reasons settings were updated based on when the Align instance was created.

    These picklist values automatically display as available for selection in Territory Feedback unless they are excluded via Context-Sensitive Challenge Reasons.

  • For instances created after June 2020, the following values were added:
  • access__c – Has a label of Access (Deprecated)
  • add_account_to_territory__c – Has a label of Add Account to Territory (Deprecated)
  • no_longer_in_practice__c – Has a label of No Longer in Practice (Deprecated)
  • For instances created before June 2020, the following values were added
  • good_access__c
  • high_priority__c
  • The Audit Trail feature is now enabled by default for Align Settings
  • Automated Feedback Handling is now enabled if the automated_feedback_handling__aln setting is either null or enabled. This ensures feedback is always processed when a project is published unless Automated Feedback Handling is explicitly disabled.

Account Assignment

  • The Calculate Rollups button was relabeled Recalculate Territory Data and can now be selected in both model and production field forces, regardless if an MC Cycle is associated with the field force

    Modeling Production
  • Selecting Recalculate Territory Data now displays the following modals based on if the field force is a modeling or a production field force:

    Modeling Production
  • Selecting the Recalculate Territory Data button now creates a corresponding process_task__aln record that admins can use to track the progress of the recalculation


  • Importing field_force_product_model__aln records now also automatically creates corresponding territory_product_model__aln records

Territory Feedback

  • The end_date__aln field of account_territory__aln records added to a territory via Keep Account or Add Account challenges now match the end date of the corresponding territory, rather than the end date of the associated cycle plan. This enables accounts added via Territory Feedback to remain in a user’s territory across multiple cycles.


CRM Standard Metrics in Align

In the CRM 22R1 release (currently scheduled for April 2022), CRM Standard Metrics will be mandatory for all CRM orgs. Align supports syncing information to and from these fields for continued use by Align-mastered roster members.