What's New in 22R2.0

The Align 22R2.0 release includes brief, high-level descriptions of enhancements and new features.


Performance Improvements for Targeting Rules

The 22R2.0 release delivers automatically available performance improvements when running targeting rules. These improvements will be available in sandbox instances of Align prior to being made available on production instances.

Enhancements to the Manager Feedback Accounts Table Available in CRM 22R2.2

The CRM 22R2.2 release, currently scheduled for September 29, 2022, will introduce an enhanced and redesigned version of the Accounts table in Manager Feedback to help managers quickly review end user feedback. Additional enhancements and functionality include:

  • Performance enhancements enabling quick navigation of territories with large numbers of accounts
  • Managers can navigate to the Accounts table by selecting the name of the end user on the Territories page of Manager Feedback
  • All accounts in the territory display, instead of only added, dropped, and targeted accounts
  • Challenge and Goal columns are grouped together with double-row column headers
  • Columns representing the account’s name and challenge actions are static, ensuring they always display when horizontally scrolling the Accounts table
  • Filters can be applied to, and cleared from, any column containing data; multiple columns can be filtered at once
  • Accounts are grouped in collapsible sections for Account Assignments and Drops, making it clear which accounts are assigned to the territory
  • To quickly see which pending challenges require review, the cells in the Status column are shaded yellow for pending challenges and green for accepted challenges
  • Edits to target goals display within the goal columns as green up-arrows and red down-arrows, indicating whether the goal was increased or decreased

These enhancements are automatically available in orgs with Manager Territory Feedback enabled.

Full documentation for these enhancements is available in the CRM 22R2.2 release notes.

User Visible and Behavior Changes

User Management

  • Profile and role conflicts now automatically resolve when integrating with CRM based on the Primary Territory of the user. Admins can still override this resolution using the CRM Role and CRM Profile Override fields on the Roster Member detail page.
  • The Mass Transfer functionality for the roster_member_territory__aln and roster_member_territory_model__aln objects was updated:
  • The effective date of the transfer now serves only as the start_date__aln of the new assignment. The end_date__aln of the old assignment now automatically populates as the day prior to the effective date with a end_datetime__aln of 11:59 pm.
  • Users can no longer select an effective date on or prior to the start date of the current assignment
  • Users can no longer select the Today’s Date hyperlink in the data picker when the date is on or prior to the start date of the current assignment


Territory Feedback

Displaying Territory Feedback Metrics via MyInsights

To visualize data, admins can create and link MyInsights reports to Territory Feedback. MyInsights reports in Territory Feedback enable end users to visualize upcoming changes to their territories, as well as provide a place for admins to give written guidance to end users about how they should review and leave feedback on upcoming changes to their territory.

Territory Management

Generating Geo Shapes

To enable users to view maps of territories within Align, map shape information, known as Geo Shapes, must exist for the geography records used by the territory. For certain countries where postal code geographies are used, Veeva provides out of the box Geo Shape information. However, for other countries, as well as for countries using bricks-based geographies rather than postal codes, the Geo Shape Generator enables users to generate approximated map shape information for entire countries.

User Management

Designating a Primary Territory

To help resolve integration conflicts that may occur when a user is assigned to multiple territories, admins can designate a territory as being a roster member’s primary territory. Primary territories are prioritized when assigning functional profiles to users if the user is assigned to multiple territories with different functional profiles.

New Videos

The following video was added as part of this release:

Known Issues


Issue Description

Issue Number

When using Firefox v103 to access Align, users occasionally experience general slowness and erratic cursor behavior. Veeva recommends using another browser or version until the issue is resolved. See here for more information.