What's New in 22R3.2

The Align 22R3.2 release includes brief, high-level descriptions of enhancements and new features.

User Visible and Behavior Changes

Workday Integration (Added February 24, 2023)

  • The veeva_crm_org__aln field now automatically populates on roster_member__aln records imported from Workday
  • The country__aln field on the roster_member__aln object can now be mapped to country fields in Workday using two-digit country ISO codes
  • The following types of Align fields can now be mapped to Workday Text fields:
  • Yes/No
  • Picklist
  • Lookups


Account Assignment

Excluding Account Territory Sources from Hierarchy Rules

Account territories in Align can come from Assignment Rules, manual creation, data loading, CRM self-assignments, or Territory Feedback. In order to create accurate alignments, admins can configure Hierarchy Rules to exclude certain account territory sources from assigning related accounts within an account hierarchy.

Territory Management

Using Location Based Targeting

Location Based Targeting is a form of sales planning that enables goals to be set against accounts at specific locations, enabling greater specificity in the planning process. Admins can enable Location Based Targeting in Enhanced Territory Feedback to enable end users to view these goals for accounts at specific locations.

Territory Feedback

Territory Feedback Metrics in Manager Feedback

To better visualize territory feedback metrics, including targets, goals, and pending challenges, managers can view this information within Manager Feedback. Managers can use these metrics to see adjustments made to territories in real time, enabling them to ensure any company guidelines for territories are met. Configuration is not needed for this feature.

Viewing MyInsights Visualizations in Manager Feedback

Territory Feedback MyInsights visualizations that display for end users also display in the Info panel in Manager Feedback, enabling managers to view territory information in greater detail than the default Territory Feedback Metrics via the same customized visualizations used by end users.

Map Shape Changes

Country State Code Text
US CA 95676 Postal point was converted to postal district
US MD 20635 Postal point was deleted
US MI 48870 Postal point was converted to postal district
US MN 56356 Postal point was converted to postal district
US MO 63767 Postal point was converted to postal district
US NJ 7829 Postal point was deleted
US NM 87326 Postal point was converted to postal district
US OH 43740 Postal point was converted to postal district