Configuring Align

The process for setting up and configuring the Veeva Align application is divided into two main areas: Vault platform setup and Align application setup. These can be set up independently of other activities, but Veeva recommends setting up Vault and then the Align application in the following order.

Vault Platform Setup

  1. Set up the Users & Groups tab.
  2. Configure the Settings tab, which contains Vault settings.

Application Setup

  1. Configure and prepare Align.
    • Activate the Country records (country__aln) that are related to the data in Align—Territories, Accounts, addresses, etc.
  2. Configure the Veeva CRM integration.
  • Configure the Integration Users in Align and CRM on the Align Integrations page.
  • Create a Veeva CRM org (veeva_crm_org__aln) record to construct an integration connection to an org.
  • Complete field mapping for each Veeva CRM org.
  • Activate Veeva CRM org countries. This step is optional.
  • Configure the Veeva CRM org import using the Vault Scheduler.
  1. Add the following Align metadata—either manually or using the Align Data Loader—in the order listed.
  • Add Field Forces (field_force__aln).
  • Add Field Force Products (field_force_products__aln). This step is optional.
  • Add Products (product__aln)
  • Add Footprints (footprint__aln). This step is optional.
  • Add Footprint Geographies (footprint_geography__aln). This step is optional.
  • Add Territories (territory__aln)
  • Add Territory Products (territory_products__aln)
  • Add Geographies (geography__aln)
  • Add Account Assignment rules (account_rule__aln and account_rule_criteria__aln)
  1. Import the following data from CRM.
  • User
  • Account



    Product_Metrics_vod (optional)

  1. Assign Accounts and users to Territories.
  • Data load any explicit Account assignments. This step is optional.
  • Execute and test Account assignment rules. Commit the rules to Align when you are satisfied with the Rules Preview.
  • Push the changes to CRM.