What's New in 22R1.2

The Align 22R1.2 release includes brief, high-level descriptions of enhancements and new features.

User Visible and Behavior Changes

Territory Feedback

Description Before After

The search bar on the Accounts screen of Manager Territory Feedback was removed. Managers can still search for values in the Accounts table via the browser’s native find function.

The Add Accounts button displays for all users with Global Account Search in Territory Feedback enabled. See Searching Outside of Territories as a Manager for more information.


Account Assignment

Controlling Intermediary Assignments

An intermediary account is an account in the hierarchy that is at a level between other accounts within the same organizational hierarchy. For example, an account representing a large health system might have several intermediary accounts representing affiliates, hospitals, and departments that exist between the health system and an individual HCP. Align admins can control whether account rules assign these intermediaries accounts to user via the Rules Engine. This enables greater flexibility and granularity when creating account rules, as intermediaries may not be relevant to the territory.

Territory Feedback

Searching Outside of Territories as a Manager

To enable managers to add accounts as part of Targeting Feedback, managers with Global Account Search in Territory Feedback enabled can search for accounts outside of an end user’s territory from the Account screen in Manager Feedback. This allows the manager to avoid sending Territory Feedback back to the end user to add accounts.

User Management

Mastering Currency in Multi-Currency Orgs

In multi-currency CRM orgs, the DefaultCurrencyISOCode picklist on the User object defines the user’s currency. Admins can reduce manual onboarding steps in CRM when mastering CRM Users in Align by defining the user’s currency in Align.